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Electric power has become an investment outlet, and distribution automation has more room for development.

With the acceleration of the PPP model to promote the landing, the advantages of the project are strict, the risk is low and the certainty is high. At present, it has become a "asset shortage" response. At present, the third batch of PPP demonstration projects launched by the Ministry of finance will be announced in the near future. By the end of last month, China has accumulated more than ten thousand entries, with a total of 12 trillion. The scale of these PPP projects is considerable. After the achievements of rail transportation and gardens, the power system is also rapidly following up. At present, it has become the focus of the investment in the PPP project, and the distribution field has more space for development.

's recent development and Reform Commission issued a "notice on the practical work of government and social capital cooperation in the field of traditional infrastructure", which explicitly requires various organs and industry authorities to do a good job in the promotion of infrastructure in the field of energy. The Energy Bureau has also issued a "Circular on the active promotion of the mode of cooperation between government and social capital in the field of energy", encouraging private capital to invest in the power and energy industry.

for private capital, these two major policies, which contain unlimited opportunities!

, in simple terms, includes the urban power supply, the transformation and upgrading of the distribution network, the construction of rural power grid, and the power generation and distribution projects of distributed energy.

has identified more than 100 distribution projects, and the main mode of construction may be PPP. The business mode of the distribution industry is very clear. Once completed, it will generate good cash flow and attract a large number of private capital participation. With the implementation of

, there are many subdivision areas in the power distribution field.

from the whole power system, the power generation system is the starting point, the power system is the end, and the transmission system is the process, the distribution system is responsible for the transmission of electricity to thousands of households.

is known as the "last 10 kilometers" of the power transmission process because it occupies an important position of docking with consumers in the process of power transmission, and its role in the energy supply is self-evident.

in distribution system, equipment is the basis of power distribution, distribution equipment will become an important part of the power grid construction process. The current distribution system of

consists of two types of equipment, which are first of all kinds of switchgear, such as ring network cabinet, reclose, segmental and switch cabinet, etc. Substations and so on, both of which have also become a primary device.

and distribution automation is also a key point in the upgrading process of this power system. The automatic control system and communication technology are used to monitor and manage the distribution network and ensure the efficient operation of the distribution system. The distribution automation is the only way to build the smart grid.

, according to the statistics of China power distribution industry report, the reliability of power supply is closely related to the automation level of distribution system. The reliability of power supply can be increased from 99.9% to 99.99% depending on the transformation of grid structure. However, if we want to increase from 99.99% to 99.999%, we must rely on the automation of distribution automation. The field of

distribution automation involves database service and network equipment. The main function is to collect real-time data and provide the interface with the power dispatching system. At present, in the process of the development of the distribution industry, there are still some problems in the development of the distribution industry, such as the backwardness of information, the poor investment and the poor basic data. It is the shortage of this series, which has reserved the infinite space for the development of the market.

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