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Upsurge in the expansion of new energy car market

From the establishment of the double integral policy, to the promotion of the proportion of loans, and then to many cities to formally enable the special license plate, the new energy auto industry in the near future to welcome good news. Experts said that thanks to continuous policy support, the scale of production and sales of new energy vehicles in China has increased rapidly. According to this trend, by 2020, China's new energy vehicle sales volume is expected to reach 2 million. At present, domestic and foreign auto companies have expanded the investment and production of new energy vehicles, and the competition in the future will be intensified. Perfecting the good policy of new energy vehicles At the end of last year, 5 cities and other cities, such as Shanghai and Nanjing, have been pilot to use special license plates for new energy vehicles. Recently, 12 cities, such as Chengdu of Sichuan, Zhengzhou in Henan, and Hefei in Anhui, have officially opened the special license plates for new energy vehicles. Reporters learned that according to previous planning, it is expected that in the first half of 2018, all cities in the country will fully activate the special license plates for new energy vehicles. A series of favorable policies for new energy vehicles have been introduced this year, especially in the last two months. At the beginning of this year, the State Council announced the "13th Five-Year" comprehensive work plan for energy saving and emission reduction, and proposed to accelerate the development and expansion of a number of strategic emerging industries, including new energy vehicles. By 2020, the total output value of green low-carbon industries such as new energy vehicles has exceeded 10 trillion yuan and has become a pillar industry. The plan requires the government departments of the central state, the government departments of the city and the public institutions to buy new energy vehicles to increase the proportion of the total number of vehicles that have been updated to more than 50% in the year. In September, the five departments of the Ministry of industry and information, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the parallel management measures for the average fuel consumption of passenger car enterprises and the integration of new energy vehicles to promote the development of energy saving and new energy auto industry. The "measures" launched the enterprise's average fuel consumption points and new energy vehicle points integration policy, and phased out the purchase subsidy. The annual production volume or import volume of traditional energy vehicle reached more than 30 thousand vehicles, and the proportion of new energy vehicles was set in 2019, and 10% and 12% respectively in 2019 and 2020. In November, the central bank and the CBRC jointly issued the notice on the adjustment of the relevant policies on automobile loans. Since January 1, 2018, the highest proportion of self used and commercial new energy vehicle loans was 85% and 75% respectively, which were all higher than 5 percentage points of traditional motor vehicles. The two sector shows that the adjustment of the auto loan policy is aimed at improving the supply of automobile consumer credit market, releasing the potential of diversified consumption and promoting the economic development of green environmental protection industry. People in the industry believe that the introduction of double integral policy and the increase of the loan ratio of new energy vehicles will help to reduce the financial burden of the government, play a leading role in the market, and promote the healthy development of the new energy auto industry. The head of the China Automobile Industry Association told the economic reference daily that the new energy vehicle is a breakthrough to realize the national automobile power. Recently, the policy of new energy vehicles has been introduced continuously, reflecting the government's strategic orientation and support for new energy vehicles.

Expansion of new energy vehicles and rapid growth of production and marketing

The official said that according to the China Automobile Industry Association, by 2020, China's new energy vehicle sales volume is expected to reach 2 million.

In recent years, the new energy car market has expanded rapidly. The latest data from the China Auto Industry Association showed that the production and marketing of new energy vehicles were increasing rapidly. In October, the production and marketing of new energy vehicles were 92 thousand and 91 thousand respectively, up 85.9% and 106.7% respectively. From 1 to October this year, 517 thousand new vehicles and 490 thousand new energy vehicles were sold, representing an increase of 45.7% and 45.4% respectively over the same period. According to the data of the Ministry of industry and information, China has now become the largest production and sales market for new energy vehicles worldwide. In 2016, China's new energy vehicle production and marketing breakthrough 500 thousand vehicles, the cumulative promotion of more than 1 million vehicles, accounting for 50% of the world.

According to the "medium and long term development plan of the automobile industry" issued by the multi ministries and commissions, China has determined the total goal of "striving for ten years of continuous efforts and entering the ranks of the world automobile power". By 2025, new energy vehicles accounted for more than 20% of the car production and sales. The analysis of several industry authority reports that the current competitiveness of China's new energy auto industry has improved, mainly due to the sustained policy support of new energy vehicles and the rapid growth of the scale of production and marketing. If this trend develops, the target of 2 million production and marketing in 2020 is hopeful.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to issuing red envelopes at the national level, various regions are also increasing efforts to support the development of new energy vehicle industry. According to the medium and long term development plan announced in Shanxi Province, by 2020, the production capacity of electric vehicles will reach 300 thousand, and by 2025, new energy vehicles will become the leading development of the automobile industry in Shanxi province. In Chengdu, Sichuan, this year, the city introduced a number of plans for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles and the construction of the charging infrastructure, and put forward three new plans for new new energy vehicles in the city. By the end of 2019, the total number of new energy vehicles in the city reached 48 thousand, 600 new charging stations and 67 thousand charging piles were satisfied. Charging demand for more than 70 thousand electric vehicles.

However, there are also some people in the industry remind that there are still some constraints in the development of new energy vehicles in China, such as the unclear policy expectation, the lag of subsidy policy, many places have not yet issued new energy auto subsidy adjustment policies, the charging infrastructure is not yet perfect, the new energy car is not very convenient to charge, and the market strength is insufficient. Before the new energy vehicles are mainly concentrated in several restricted cities, other cities private users purchase intention is not high.

Looking forward to the active layout of new energy vehicle market by Chinese and foreign car enterprises

It is worth mentioning that under the multiple functions of limited line number and subsidy, independent brands occupy more than 90% of the market share of new energy vehicles in China. According to the data of the national passenger car market information association, BYD, King beans, new energy of Beiqi, Chery new energy, SAIC Roewe and other brands are in the lead in the sales of new energy vehicles.

This further strengthens the determination of the domestic car enterprises to develop the new energy auto industry. Zhu Huarong, President of Changan automobile, recently said at the China International Energy Conservation and new energy auto show that it will completely stop selling traditional fuel vehicles in 2025 and realize the electrification of the whole pedigree products. Changan motor has also become the first car company to offer a timetable for stopping the sale of fuel vehicles.

At the same time, the R & D capability of domestic automobile enterprises for new energy vehicles is also becoming stronger and stronger. As one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the development, production and application of new energy vehicles in China, the head of the Jianghuai Automobile said, through "iterative research and development", Jianghuai Automobile has identified, attacked and accumulated a number of electric vehicle nuclear technology, forming a positive product development ability. Power。

On the other hand, affected by the strong development of new energy vehicles in China, foreign car companies have also increased investment and production in China. The press has learned that Volkswagen is planning to provide 400 thousand new energy vehicles to Chinese consumers by 2020, which will increase to 1 million 500 thousand by 2025, and will invest more than 10 billion euros directly in the field of electric travel with joint venture partners. In response to China's new energy vehicle dual integration policy, TOYOTA has started to work with two Chinese companies to produce pure electric vehicles and will start selling in 2019. Germany Daimler recently announced that it will invest 680 million euros in the Chinese market to expand the production of electric vehicles and batteries.

According to the analysis of the industry, European and Japanese auto companies are preparing for battle in the face of China's huge new energy vehicle market. Car companies in various countries are closely following the policies of China's new energy vehicles, and actively make adjustments and responses. In the future, the competition between domestic and foreign automobile enterprises in this field will intensify.

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