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  • 2019 Inter Battery Exhibition

    Welcome to 2019 Inter Battery Exhibition, Our Booth is Hall B, Lobby 110 in Coex, Seoul, Korea. The time is From Oct. 16th to 18th.

  • Inter Battery 2019 in Korea

    RHI will participate the fair of Inter Battery 2019 in Korea. Welcome to visit our booth. We'll show you our copper busbars, flexible busbars, aluminium busbars and busbar covers, which are used on battery pack systems and power storage systems. Any question on the design, you can also discuss with our technician.

  • Upsurge in the expansion of new energy car market

    From the establishment of the double integral policy, to the promotion of the proportion of loans, and then to many cities to formally enable the special license plate, the new energy auto industry in the near future to welcome good news. Experts said that thanks to continuous policy support, the scale of production and sales of new energy vehicles in China has increased rapidly. According to this..

  • Hengtong optoelectronic joint charge charging layout of new energy vehicle eco charging network

     In the afternoon of June 26th, Hengtong photoelectricity and the new three board listed company charge in Yangzhou charge the signing ceremony, the two sides strong and strong together, the layout of..

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